Is SIP a family-owned business?
Yes, the Helgevold family owns and operates this radical winery. The buildings were inherited and the business was just recently started and we are ready to party.

Where in the world do you get your grapes?
We contract grapes on a long-term basis with partner growers. Vineyard sources include Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara, Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo, and Alexander Valley in Sonoma. When grape seasons are bad we do business through local coops.

Where in the heck is SIP wine produced?
Our wine is produced in Vino, Iowa in our distillery. Our winery is open for tours year round. You should stop in and see us!

What is the significance of the name SIP Winery?
SIP was the creation of a young and vibrant group that had the ambition to begin a wine business. These three novice-connoisseurs wanted to create a business that was "hip" and entered the business with a whole new attitude. We want to be the modern wine company that educates those who want to become the expert connoisseur. Start with a SIP!

How many different types of wines does SIP produce?
We currently produce five freaking-awesome brands of wine. Since we just began our business we want to remain small and focus our main efforts towards the educational aspects of wine. We will start you off here, but be ready for whats coming! Our five wines allow us to sell a variety of wines from the dinner wine(mmm) to a romance wine(ooo-la-la).

Where the heck is SIP winery?
We are located thirty miles south of Des Moines, Iowa on I-35 Exit 23 in the small town of Vino, Iowa. Donít blink or you might miss us.

Are there tours available at your Winery?
Yes, we do offer tours year round. However, reservations are recommended. We are a smaller company and to better serve you, letting us know before your arrival would be greatly appreciated. If you are in need of hotel accommodations, Osceola is a 10-minute drive away to the local hotels.

Does SIP host special events?
Yes. Our winery was specifically designed to host your spectacular special event. We have a large room that is perfect for wild wedding receptions, fun family gatherings and crazy class reunions. Our outdoor setting is also perfect for any outdoor occasion. If you are interested in booking your event at SIP winery please contact

If you have any questions, we will do our best at getting you some answers, so please send us an e-mail at